2004 Archived Performances

JULY 2004
30th&31rst Apache Casino,AZ. w/Saggy Bottom Boys (Country)
****29th CLUB VODKA,Hollywood w/NATIONAL DUST (Original Rock)****
29th Anaheim Streetfair w/Saggy Bottom Boys (Country)
28th Concert in the Park,Temple City w/Planet 80s (All 80s)
25th Rocs Firehouse,El Paseo w/Firehouse Boys (R&B)
24th Markos,Hollywood Hills w/Planet 80s (All 80s)
22nd Concert in the Park,El Segundo w/Planet 80s (80s Dance)
21 Concert in the Park, Norwalk,w/Planet 80s (80s Dance)
18th Rocs Firehouse,El Paseo w/Firehouse Boys (R&B)
16th Kickstands,Palm Springs w/Firehouse Boys (R&B)
11th Rocs Firehouse,El Paseo w/Firehouse Boys (R&B)
10th Handlebars,Palm Springs w/Straightjackets (Classic Rock)
4th Rocs Firehouse,El Paseo w/Firehouse Boys(R&B)
2nd&3rd O'Harra's,Lake Elsinore w/Aaron Solinger(Country)
JUNE 2004
27th Rocs Firehouse,El Paseo w/Firehouse Boys (R&B)
26th Sagebrush Cantina,Calabassas w/Mary White (Country R&B)
24th Cowboy Palace,L.A. w/Mary White (Country)
20th Rocs Firehouse, El Paseo w/Firehouse Boys(R&B)
*********1rst-17th vacation-gone to Greece*********
MAY 2004
30th Rocs Firehouse,El Paseo w/Firehouse Boys (R&B)
30th Paradise Corners,Palm Desertw/Straightjackets (Classis Rock)
21rst Cowboy Palace,L.A. w/Mary White (Country)
16th Sagebrush Cantina,Calabasasw/Mary White(Country)
15th Irvine Lake,Saggy Bottom Boysw/Freddy fender
13th Anaheim Streetfair w/Saggy Bottom Boys(Country)
13thMartini Blues,Huntington Beachw/Super Blues(Blues)
9th Mothers,Sunset Beach w/Brad Wilson (Rockin Delta Blues)
2nd Rocs Firehouse,El Paseo w/Firehouse Boys(R&B)
APRIL 2004
25th Rocs Firehouse,El Paseo w/Firehouse Boys(R&B)
23rd Canyon lakesw/Ricky B.& the Stingers (Standards)
18th Rocs Firehouse,El Paseo w/Firehouse Boys(R&B)
15th Kickstands,Palm Springsw/Local Rockstar(Classic Rock)
16th Ryans,L.A. w/Ricky B.&the Stingers (Standards)
12th Harvelles,Santa Monica w/Superblue (Blues)
10th Kickstands,Palm Springsw/Local Rockstar(Classic Rock)
9th Canyon Lakesw/Ricky B.& the Stingers(standards)
4th Kickstands,Palm Springsw/Local Rockstar(Classic Rock)
1rst,8th,22nd,29th Saboba Casino w/Ricky B.& the Stingers(50s to current covers)
MARCH\ 2004
21rst Anarchy LibraryL.A.w/Dulcie Younger(Rockabilly)
18th,19th-20th Apache Casino,San Carlos,AZ.w/Saggy Bottom Boyz (Country))
14th Anarchy Library L.A.w/Dulcie Younger(Rockabilly)
6th Augusta,El Paseo Palm Desert-w/Cynthia Manley(Motown R&B)
27th-28th Saboba Casino w/Spank(Current Dance R&B)
12th-19th-26th Saboba Casino w/Ricky B & the Stingers(50s to current covers)
In the studio w/Jon Vaughn (Blues)-Thunder Reigns (Metal)-Blister(Alt Rock)
(Happy to be Back on Land after Cruiseship gigging in 2003)

****30th Mandalay Bay,Las Vegas w/Melanie Novac (Funk Rock Halloween Wedding bash)
*****29th KEY CLUB,Sunset strip w/NATIONAL DUST & WASP ( Halloween Party)
27th Atlas,Palm Springs w/Radio Flyer(Classic R&B))
22nd Atlas palm springs w/Radio Flyer
16th Durty Nellies,Rancho Mirage w/Straight Jackets (Classic Rock)
15th Durty Nellies,Rancho Mirage w/Radio 60s (Pop&Surf Classics)
14th Atlas,Palm Springs w/Radio Flyer(Classic R&B)
12th Kickstands,Palm Springs w/Radio 60s(Pop&Surf Classics)
7th 8th &9th Atlas,palm Springs w/Saggy Bottom Boys(Country)
4th Kickstands,Plam Springs w/Radio 60s
1rst & 2nd Apache Gold Casino,A.Z. w/Saggy Bottom Boys(Country))

30th Atlas,Palm Springs w/Radio Flyer (70s&80s Classics)
25th Moz Budda bar,Agoura Hills w/Spank (T-40 dance)
**********18th Paladinos,L.A. w NATIONAL DUST (Hard Kicken Original Southern Rock)
16th Atlas ,Palm Springs w/Buster Brown (70s-80s Dance)
10th Handlebars,Palm Springs w/Straight Jackets (Classic Rock)
6th Atlas palm Springs w/Saggy Bottom Boys (Country)
4th American Legion hall,Idlewild w/Rock Steady (classic Rock)
*************2nd Club Vodka,Hollywood w/NATIONAL DUST**********************
25th -30th Cactus Petes,Jackpot Nevada w/Saggy Bottom Boys (Country)
22nd Atlas,Palm Springs w/Planet 80s (All 80s Dance)
15th Rocs Firehouse,El Paseo w/Firehouse Boys (Classics)
13th Perqs,Huntington Beach w/Planet 80s
12th Concert in the Park,Fontana w/Planet 80s Radio Broadcast
6th&7th O Gradys,Granada Hills w/Planet 80s
5th Padres Martini Bar,Agoura Hills w/Planet 80s
1rst Rocs Firehouse,Palm Desert-El Paseo w/Firehouse Boys
In the Studio w/Thunder Reigns(metal)-Blister(alt pop rock)-Sarah Vaughn(Blues)